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About Send Photo ※


We will deliver the Japanese products that you want to you. 
You can enter the product or products that you want at the Send Photo inquiry page


In addition, if you have found works or artists from TV, other media or magazines that you like, you can contact us through the inquiry page.


“There’s something that I want but I don’t know what it’s called.”
Please attach a picture of the item that you want here, then contact us through the inquiry page.


“I want to buy souvenirs but my suitcase is already full.”

For such a case, you can also contact us

through the inquiry page after you return to your own home.


“I want it gift-wrapped as a present when you send it.”

For such a case too, you can contact us through the inquiry page and kindly provide the approximate time and place that it might be best delivered.

Our company will be informing you of the purchase price of your items, shipping cost and Daigomi service charge.

If that is OK, you can enter the payment process from here.



After payment is completed


Our company will send your items from Japan to your doorstep (or to whereever you wish).



For details, kindly refer to the Seller Policy.


※Depending on the country of destination, some items may not be shipped.