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`Bokutotsu na Kawaya´

・About my products

Bokutotsu na Kawaya is a leather products manufacturer who makes leather products with minimum functions , based on the concept of simple and unique. My aim is two provide good quality leather and parts, and also my products use leftover leather and discarded fabric (damaged, scratched, etc.). From this, I have developed a unique patchwork style. I try to show the ‘beauty of incompleteness’ and different types of leather products. By making new and unique styles I hope to strech concept of leatherwork so everyone in this world can get to know the beauty of leather.



・About the artist

Nakatani Hiroshi studied and developed a fondness about leather and entered the world of leather-making products about 5 years ago by starting to make small products such as bags. Presently, he has been working in Hatsukaichi in Hiroshima prefecture as his base. He accepts personalised orders for people who come from all over Japan. He discribes himself as ‘bokutotsu na kawaya’ which is a Japanese expression that means an honest and quiet person.