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We are brothers and carry out all the processes right from the firing to sharpening single handedly. We start the firing process in the early morning hours when it is cool, and keep a watch on the temperature until it rises to a level that the metal starts getting roasted. After that we cool the metal in straw ash slowly until it becomes soft and easy to mould, or give shape to.

 One shall hold on to the metal , while one will strike the metal is the motto we give ourselves while working together on this.We use over 100 types of moulds as per our type of products, carved by using over 3000 different types of chisels used by the Buddhist craftsmen .I as a blacksmith , the leather knives and chisels we produce are finely selected and all of them averagely possess the same sharpness a nd give their own distinct looks to the products. Beginners, as well as professionals can easily use our products.