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Kimono in the Future – Kimono for the next generation –
Dressing in Kimono smartly and looking cool are heavily dependant on how to and how much you apply the “Nukiemon” technique (pulling its collar to the back). The Emon Style is a revival of a classical Kimono which uses the “Nukiemon” technique with a modern twist. Using the inspiration and insight of a professional pattern maker for contemporary dress, the traditional notions of both modern clothes and that of Kimono are exceeded. Not only is the passion of the maker evident from each piece used on an Emon Style Kimono, but also such smart designs allow you to dress in the Kimono by yourself. One should not forget that even among Japanese, Kimono are known to be very difficult to put on and it takes years of training to put on by yourself. The えもん emon Style is easy to wear – it’s just as easy as wearing your regular clothes.


Voice from the pattern maker:
The skill of a pattern maker becomes apparent when they envision the finished product in its three-dimensional form just by looking at a drawing. Also, a good pattern maker can and should enjoy each and every step of production. You cannot overlook the importance of excellent pattern makers in any famous design firm. This is because only with the knowledge earned by a well-trained pattern maker can the exciting drawing of a designer come into reality. The history of western clothing in Japan reaches well beyond a hundred years and the fabrication method has never stopped improving. It is my desire to pass down the production technique and knowledge associated with dressmaking in Japan to future generations from the very perspective of a pattern maker. As traveling becomes much more affordable, the world seems to me a multicultural village where clothing becomes a means of representing different cultural values and aesthetics. In this very age, I pay special attention to Japan’s traditional clothing, the Kimono and its culture. Beautiful designs and textiles of Kimono, as well as the skills of artisans who are involved in the production of Kimono, are all highly valuable and unmatched with anything I know as a professional pattern maker. The えもん collection was created with the idea in mind to find how such Kimono and its culture could be handed over to the next generation. It is my hope that the えもん collection becomes an introduction to and an example of highly sophisticated skills and techniques of pattern makers in Japan.




Terunuma Pattern Planning Co. Ltd Representative Director

Rinose Co. Ltd Representative Director


Graduation from Oda Fashion Design technical school Normal School Course(Now called as Fashion Technical Course)

Worked as a Patterner at Itokin Co. Ltd


Started working independently as a freelance patterner

Business activities expanded to designing and patterning

Next-generation Human resources training

Bunka Gakuen University Faculty of Fashion Science Fashion Creation Department Specialist Lecturer

Has given a lecture to high school students from Tokyo about Work experience `Lecture related to work`


Has announced the creation of えもんEMON collections (one two komono: Acquisition of Japanese-American copyrights, registration of a design, trademark registration, patent acquisition)


Winner of the Higashi-Kuninomiya International Culture Award for 2017

Appeared on the show `Torendo no Tamago (An upcoming trend) (File No T.T.File-4511)`on TV Tokyo, in May ,2017

Appeared in the France , Paris Japan Exposition exhibition in July 2017

Appeared in the England-London Hyper-Japan Christmans exhibition in November 2017