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Etena is a product developed by TOKYO METROPOLITAN INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY RESEARCH INSTITUTE, a union to which our company belongs. It is a product made from and environmentally-friendly tin alloy. Unlike traditional tin alloys, no lead is used in our products. In making our products, we think deeply about the environment and the health of our customers. At our company we manufacture tin bowls with traditional Japanese techniques (craftsmen use molds and cast them individually). Our manufacturing method is different from other manufacturing techniques used for tin such as Kyou-suzu, Naniwa-suzu, Satsuma-suzu, etc. We have 300-year history in using our manufacturing technique.

Our technique is highly technical. Our craftsmen with advanced technological skills pour hot melted tin alloy into a mold at high temperature and carefully cast each item carefully by hand while it is chilled.This manufacturing method creats very unique style by making patterns that are vividly embossed into a mirror finish. This manufacturing method is not seen and overseas or conventional products. This technology has been designated by the Japan’s Minister of Economy as a traditional craft. It is said that tin products using this method are extremely such as gold and silver. It is said this type of metal purifies water like gold. For over 300 years, it is thought that sake became more delicious if drunk from cups made by this tin-making technique. Because of this, sake cups and tea sets are commen products manufactures with this process. Another benefit is that this tin is harmless and you can use it safely.