• Paypal is used to purchase merchandise. There is no surcharge for using your credit card to make purchases. Information such as credit card number, credit card owner, credit card expiration date, home address, and home phone number is required. Incorrect information will cause a delay in processing your order. Billing date will be the date when the merchandise is shipped.

  • The merchandise ordered before 13:00 JST will be shipped the following day except or Saturdays, Sundays and holidays unless otherwise specified. Merchandise will be shipped through EMS and/or e-packet by the Japan Post Office. However merchandise can be shipped differently as required by the guidelines destination countries. Under the ordinary conditions, international shipping will take approximately from two a maximum of four weeks depending on the destination. A tracking service for each shipment is provided by the Japan Post Office. We will provide a “tracking number” to customers after purchase.


    A Packing and delivery are guaranteed. However, if any unexpected damage is seen on delivery, simply do not accept the package and contact your local post office.

  • The terms of sale is DDU*. The prices shown on our website do not include items such as VAT, import duty, tax and other charges. Any unexpected charges needed to complete the purchase should be paid by the customer. For more information regarding your country’s custom policies, please contact your local customs office or its agents. 

  • Charges will become necessary in the running of the Daigomi website and the provision of customer support.
    We will receive 3% of the purchase price of common products as the Daigomi service fee. 
    With regard to the inquiries, negotiations with the creator, arrangements for the products, shipping process from custom orders and the use of Send Photo, we will receive 15% of the purchase price as Daigomi service fee. 

  • We will exchange products if damaged and if the wrong product is sent. However, if the product is out of stock, a complete refund will be granted by


    1. Notifying us by Email of the damage with detailed and reasonable explanation within 30 days after delivery.
    2. Returning the damaged item to the designated place it was originally shipped from or follow the instructions of our staff.
    3. Using the enclosed packing slip and return form, when returning damaged products


    Return policy applies only if these procedures are followed. 

    1. About tax exemptions on exports

    Any business entity intending to sell products in Japan shall, in principle, pay consumption tax.

     However, goods are exempt from consumption tax if the sale is treated as an export transaction. (This system is called “Consumption Tax Exemption on Exports”). It is based on the idea that Japan’s consumption tax should not be imposed on goods which will be used outside of Japan. The term “Export transactions” indicates the export of goods, international shipping, international calls, international mail services and so on.


    1. About exemption of customs duties for export goods on DaigomiWebsite

    DaigomiWebsite only carry items that are in stock in Japan.

     Therefore, items purchased from DaigomiWebsite are exempt from Japanese consumption tax if you select a country or region outside Japan as the delivery destination. Tax free shopping is not applied to orders shipped within Japan.

  • We will deliver the Japanese products that you want to you.

    You can enter the product or products that you want at the Send Photo inquiry page.

    In addition, if you have found works or artists from TV, other media or magazines that you like, you can contact us through the inquiry page.