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Makes you cheerful every time you look at it. Such is ` Hanayagi Fudemoji`. A poem shall be written there, which shall contain your name , your lucky letter and a song from your future to support you. It will mesmerize you every time you look at it. It will serve to be the only product will protect you like a lucky charm. We also conduct fortune telling services which are powered by the study of horoscopes and colour feng shui. This will ensure that you will always have a power spot beside you at all times. Be it for an anniversary , or be it for cheering up someone or for supporting someone. These letters, which are hand written and drawn with love will always secure a place in your heart.

`Hanayagi Fudemoji` includes old style letters in its products which originated in China over 3300 years ago. The hieroglyphs written on shells and bones are said to be the ancestors of kanji Characters. They differ in shape with the present -day Kanji characters, These characters , which have some kind of background story or meaning to their origin overflow with primitive power. However here at `Hanayagi Fudemoji`, we add a tinge of elegance to these letters. This series found its originator in the form of Mr. Fukushima Koshu. Under his guidance and supervision , we continue to craft our products to perfection everyday. Every product includes a poem about the origins of the character written above it. However, if you let us know in advance, we also can make changes to the poem to include the name of the person of your choice. So , do feel free to consult us on the same.