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Our wood work studio is located in Kishiwada city, Osaka, Japan. Although we specialize in producing sculptures to decorate “Danjiri” (It is a float used in festivals in Japan. The history of “Danjiri” goes back 300 years.), we produce other types of wood carvings by applying retained techniques and knowledge through sculpture productions for “Danjiri.” Lately, we have been receiving orders not only from Osaka, but also throughout Japan to decorate “Danjiri,” “Dashi” and “Taikodai” (both are other types of float used in Japanese festivals.) Our hope is not only to sustain, but also hand down the knowledge and technique of Japanese wood carving to the future generation and further to reach customers overseas who can share our passion for the beauty of wood carvings.


I was inspired by the art of wood carvings at the age of 21. I became an apprentice and studied under my master for 10 years. I opened my own wood carving studio in 2008. Since then, I have been producing sculptures with the hope to share and spread the highly valuable wood carving technique attained by Japanese wood carvers. We listen to the customer’s “Omoi” (hope, intention, thought and love) toward the objects before we start the carving process. We wish to go beyond our customer’s expectations and it is our desire to create objects which attain the “Omoi” of the customer. Although there are many wood carvers in this world, we can say without a doubt that we produce our carvings with strong pride. Since all the process is done by hand, it takes time for the product to be finally received by our customers. Despite such a long waiting time, our customers are sure to be pleased by the final result – a wood carving, which is one of a kind and only for you!