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My carving studio is located in Kumagawajuku in Fukui-prefecture, Japan. I create my wood carvings wholeheartedly by applying my attained knowledge and skill. The materials I use for my carvings are all natural. Such materials include wood. Everything is made by hand and is custom made. I have been working for restorations of Buddhist sculptures, wood carvings of “Kumakawasan” (a mascot character for Kumakawajuku), and decorative wood carvings for festival floats. My training allows me to carve various types of wood carvings which include: Buddhist sculptures and restorations of them, decorative relief carvings for temples and other religious buildings, and last but not least, fine miniature carvings for Netsuke. At my sculpture studio, Niino Sculpture Shop in Kumagawajuku, you can look at my carvings and to those who would like to try carving wood by themselves, we have a workshop ready for you. In Kumagawajuku, there are accommodations and this would make your stay more relaxed and enjoyable.



Sculptor/ Niino Yuichi
Born in 1979 in Fukui prefecture, Japan.
After finishing his high school, Niino Yuichi studied for five years under his master sculptor Ginsui Nohara of Inami Wood Carving in Toyama prefecture. After working one year in the studio of Ginsui Nohara, Niino Yuichi opened his studio in his hometown, Kumagawajuku, Fukui-prefecture, Japan.