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Artist profile Saki Kaneko Born in 1989 in Tokyo, Saki Kaneko grew up in Sagamihara, Kanagawa Prefecture. Already at a very young age, she discovered her passion for art and developed her skills by secretly drawing sketches and composing music in her head. When Saki was in elementary school, her grandmother introduced her to the art of calligraphy and until her graduation from high school, the two practiced regularly together. It was also during those years in high school, that Saki got, thanks to a friendship, to know French culture. In 2009, she moved to France, where she firstly learned French and got immerged in the culture, before joining a one-year arts preparation course at the Académie de Port-Royal. Those years in the French capital were a key moment in her life, which deeply changed her relation to art. She not only improved her knowledge on the topic, but also got important inspiration, by visiting numerous museums and meeting people who not only inspired, but also encouraged her to pursue her very personal path in developing her artistic activity independently. While her stay in France, she cooperated with a musician, performed her first live-painting show and started the group-project Nepenthe. In 2013, she finally moved back to Japan, where she pursued the project Nepenthe, and where she worked the more and more with different musicians. In 2017, she felt the need to share her art more directly, and after having been asked by her environment to create daily-useable objects, she started to experiment with different materials, and to make handcrafted accessories. It was her self-produced jewellery that gained the attention of many people, who appreciated her colourful and very original style, as well as the personal touch that she brings to each of her creations. As for her paintings, Saki gives to her jewellery it’s own soul, and every piece is made with devotion.