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Since our founding in 1904, SEKINEKIRIZAITEN (Sekine Paulownia Wood Store) has been carring on the real traditions of making paulownia wood products using Japanese domestic materials. In 1983, we had an hornor to present our products to the family of Mikasanomiya Imperial Prince, and in 2004, our products were used for a dinner by Emperor and Empress, during an imperial visit to the city of Honjo. On the other hand, we collaborates with designers, companies in other industries, and universities, in order to create new paulownia products that suit the modern society. One of the exampses of such collaboration is a project with students at Shibaura Institute of Technology, which resulted inthe creation of “Paulownia CUBE Series” Rice Chest and Coffee Canister. We will continue to strive to make useful producuts for pepole’s dayly lives, using the advantage of the beauty of paulownia as material, its anti-acid, insect controlling, and moisture-proof effects.