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Kyoto YUUYAKE kaban is a remake shop of the obi (kimono sash) in Kyoto. It is all done in a family-run workshop by an artist with kimono making background and her daughter. The store name, YUUYAKE kaban, means the bag of the sunset, the favorite Japanese scenery of the mother, who grew up in a fishing village watching the sun setting into the sea everyday. Having the image of someone’s smile in heart, we send true sparks through each unique works, made in our small workshop in Kyoto and sent to the rest of the world. That is our family’s mission and joy.


Nishijin-obi is sash made of Kyoto’s Nishijin ori, which was designated as nation’s preserved traditional craftwork. It is one of the most prestigious silk textiles in Japan, which originated in the 5th or the 6th century. The number of Nishijin craftsmen are are very few nowadays, therefore, Nishijin obi is know to be scarce. Among those, pure silk made obi is the highest grade, which has luminous radiance. Our prnducts dignified by the use of 100% silk made Nishijin obi and our detailed sewing work lead us to Kyoto Hotel Okura’s exhibition. We handcraft all of our products, so, we cannot make many. Also, even if the same obi is used, there is no identically same patterns. We feel joy and pride to be able to provide goods made of truely genuine obi everyday. It would be our pleasure that you enjoy silk sash that luminously radiates the dignity of the Japanese tradition in you everyday life.